Sarah & Mikki

Before the time gets away from me, I have to tell you about Sarah & Mikki. Our road trip through Italy wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable without them. Michael and I had been groveling all day about our overbooked day tour that wasn’t going as planned. At our last stop for the night, over … More Sarah & Mikki

4.5 Days in Tokyo

Proper escalator etiquette. A legit Love hotel experience – the extended stay 😉 Ramen with fresh cabbage. 100 Yen Shops. The Conrad Hotel and hospitality. That hotel room with the bay views 😍 Suits and skirts. The Akihabara District and the birthplace of appliances, Sega, Nintendo, Anime and Manga. Maid Cafes. Highball & yakitori. Shinto Shrine … More 4.5 Days in Tokyo

The Manitou Incline

“I have to report at 12:30p, what hike can I do  with enough time to clean-up and catch the van?” ————— One hour and 2,744 steps later, I made it to the top of the Manitou Incline! It wasn’t the usual Easter celebration, rarely is in this industry, but a week post-flu and my grandma passing, … More The Manitou Incline

More Than Roommates

At any given time, I live with fifteen other people in a house dedicated to airline crew. In our industry it’s commonly known as a Crashpad, aka, a place to crash in between trips. I’ve lived in several crashpads during my time as a flight attendant, forming friendships along the way, but the chemistry and … More More Than Roommates

In Usual Timing

I have so many thoughts, ideas, pictures and moments that have accumulated over the last three+ months, coupled with my difficulty of sitting still long enough to process, edit and sort, that I didn’t know where to start sharing. It is only in moments where I am occupied with something else, like taking a crowded bus … More In Usual Timing