4.5 Days in Tokyo

Proper escalator etiquette. A legit Love hotel experience – the extended stay 😉 Ramen with fresh cabbage. 100 Yen Shops. The Conrad Hotel and hospitality. That hotel room with the bay views 😍 Suits and skirts. The Akihabara District and the birthplace of appliances, Sega, Nintendo, Anime and Manga. Maid Cafes. Highball & yakitori. Shinto Shrine cleansing and wishes. Consignment Kimono shopping on Ameyoko Street. The very animated tour guide, Hiroshi. Japanese history lessons. Samurai rule with no one in or out of Japan for 200+ years. Bunny ears and sugar rush in Harajuku. A real live Sumo tournament and the undefeated being defeated! Sippy Saké. Kobe beef steak experience at Gyuuan. Shinjuku at night & Information Centers 😉 Boys and Girls Clubs. Piss Alley. Fresssh sushi. Whisky in Golden Gai with an 82 yr barkeep. Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha and mochi madness. Spotless streets, subways, and minimal trashcans. Robo toilet fascination. 

And that (kinda) sums up my 4.5 day experience in Tokyo. 

Tokyo is a sensory sensation in all aspects, and one to be savored thoroughly. Experiencing it with my husband made it that much more savory (minus my jet lag tantrum…).

If you’ve been thinking about going, save your pennies and make it happen because Tokyo is 100% worth it. Don’t worry about a language barrier, English signage is everywhere, and if you look confused, someone will stop and patiently help you. For the rest of it, you’ll be aight. 

If you’re like me and tend to feel stressed when traveling in larger cities like NYC, for example, you may be in for a pleasant surprise in Tokyo. Halfway into our trip, it hit me that I didn’t feel stressed at all. Even in subway stations where the concentrated humanity tends to trigger stress. 

That’s when I put it together that similar to how I feel at ease in a space that’s clean and tidy, and then peaceful in a space that is kind and respectful, I felt both in Tokyo; a city of over 9 million! You can really see and feel a culture of respect, others before self, social and personal responsibility, and it’s pretty wonderful.

Lastly, I just happened to finish an article about Japan stating that what draws people to the country is its very distinctive nature. In fact, in a study measuring 45 countries for their closeness to tradition, Japan came out as No. 1. This of course, even as our tour guides stated, is Japan’s selling point as well as its affliction. 

Regardless of opinion, I feel very fortunate to experience it for myself, especially with a partner who strives to experience the unique cultural aspects of an area.💜

Finally, a sincere thanks to SkyWest for providing me and Michael with the travel benefits to make the trip Tokyo possible. ✌🏽


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