Flight #4704 – How We Met


I get asked this question a lot, and I love our story so I never mind sharing, so here you go – how Michael and I met:

As love would have it, Michael and I met on Delta Connection Flight #4704 at 34,000 ft. in the sky, somewhere between Minneapolis and Houston, TX. 

I was working in the main cabin that day, while Michael was sitting in First Class with all his Delta status.

I noticed him as I was finishing service, and our eyes met for a brief but connective second.

“Hmm, he’s cute”, I thought, pondering how I might strike up a conversation, as our passenger load was light, service was complete, and why not?

Shortly after, a passenger in the main cabin asked for a blanket (typically found in First Class), so of course, I asked him.

I thought my action to initiate conversation was subtle, but later on Michael pointed out that there were several empty, blanketed seats in First I could’ve grabbed, so he knew I was up to something.


As I walked back up from handing the passenger Michael’s blanket, I thought, ‘your move’. To which he then stopped me to ask me a random question about a bracelet I was wearing.

‘Got ‘em’, I thought 🙂

Note: I had recently made the decision to enact the fishing technique when encountered with a seemingly mutual flirtation scenario with potential (i.e., I throw a little bait out and if the receiver takes it, they make the move. If they don’t, no worries). 

The conversation that proceeded was my kind of enjoyable.

I learned he was traveling to New Delhi, India, the next day just because (ok nice, adventurous traveler), we had both tried surfing in Costa Rica earlier that year (yay, I wanna go again), we shared similar lifestyles (frequent flyers/understands the life), and he talked to me in Spanish after I told him that I am Mexican (the gringo effort melts me).

I was sooooo into this conversation, and then, politics…

He almost lost me there with his unexpected slant, but the other flight attendant I was working with, when mentioning my concern, proposed a change in perspective and quite literally, saved us.

As we prepared for landing, and to his surprise, I told Michael we could go ahead and exchange phone numbers. This prompted him to give up first class seat to join me in the main cabin to continue chatting (I’ve never seen someone do this, ever), and a few weeks later after nearly not, we went on our first date.

And there you have it, the flight attendant and the frequent flyer, “connecting” (I couldn’t help myself) on Flight #4704 at 34,000ft. in the sky, somewhere between Minneapolis and Houston, TX.

Note: Clearance approved for photo session.

Photo Creds: Our badass landlord and amigo, Captain S. Peterson.


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