More Than Roommates

5BA31BF9-9ED1-45C9-AC2F-EF7BF57C56B5At any given time, I live with fifteen other people in a house dedicated to airline crew.

In our industry it’s commonly known as a Crashpad, aka, a place to crash in between trips.

I’ve lived in several crashpads during my time as a flight attendant, forming friendships along the way, but the chemistry and timing of the ones under this roof have been pretty unique. To the extent that each of them would be such an integral part our wedding.

Nearly all of the group has been there pre-Michael, hearing about this interesting guy I met on a flight, there when he picked me up for our first date, meeting my parents, and providing wedding moral support.

Their love and enthusiasm for our relationship has been relentless, and they were the first ones we shared our engagement with in Spain.

I sincerely thank each of you for the sheer joy and happiness expressed for our relationship, from the first date, engagement and now marriage!

Sam & Shelby, my sincerest gratitude for providing such a wonderful place to live and call home. Your kind and generous nature has left a lasting impression on my heart.

Sam, thank you for the Delta Connection engagement shoot; Shelby, for mending the dress I wore that day on short notice, and for always being so willing to help me out; Kayla, for being my beautiful bridesmaid, help with dress shopping, making those bomb ass hair extensions for the wedding, and of course, your support & enthusiasm throughout me & Brosnan’s relationship (let him love you!); Johnny and Kailey, for helping stuff all those wedding invites, and Johnny for being a 💯% committed gym buddy; Gavin, thank you for those late night music/life chats over whiskey and the careful curation of a solid wedding playlist; Lisa, for being such a committed intermittent fasting partner (you helped me stick with it when I wanted to quit); Becky, for your help and adorable excitement with the initial dress shopping when I felt clueless, and for checking in on my wedding progress; Tracy, for teaching me how to properly twerk; and Aurora, for always being soooo enthusiastic about me & Michael’s relationship and the shift it caused in you.

What we have is very special, and I promise to never take it for granted. While I have let friendships slip away over time, I commit to staying intertwined in your lives for the years to come to celebrate birthdays, engagements, marriages, babies, new jobs and next chapters.

Again, I could kick myself for not making the mental space to properly thank each of you at the wedding), but I don’t think I could’ve adequately expressed that in the toast.

Cheers to you all/ ¡Salud a todos!

I love you/Te amo.


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